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The frames below are normally available in the Bookstore year long.  If for some reason you see a frame but don’t like the color of the mat or the wood style you can customize your frame and have  it shipped directly to your address.  You can visit Church Hill Classics link at or hit the link to the right and create or customize your frame the way you want it.  By going to this link you will be leaving the University of Evansville website and your transaction will be taken care of by Church Hill Classics.  The UE Bookstore fully endorses Church Hill Classics and their link.  If you have any question please contact the UE Bookstore.  This link gives you additional options for your special diploma frame.

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DID YOU KNOW? The University of Evansville Bookstore is wholly owned by the University of Evansville.  All profits and proceeds from bookstore sales go directly to the university to support its budget, departments and students.  We are one of just a handful of bookstores in the state of Indiana that is institutionally owned.  By being institutionally owned we're able to do what's best for the campus community and make decisions at a local level.  Our mission is to provide products and services at a reasonable cost to UE students, alumni, employees, and fans and yet support the university as well.  We take pride in this task.  If you ever need assistance we'll be happy to assist you.  Support the store that supports UE !

Diploma Frames

Campus Scene Diploma Frame

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24 x 15 Diploma frame with photo of Olmsted Hall on left.  Black mat with Glossy cherry finish frame.  Museum Quality.  Made by Church Hill Classics.

Onyx Gold Diploma Frame

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Onyx Gold diploma frame with embossed seal and black mat.  Made by Church Hill Classics.