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DID YOU KNOW? The University of Evansville Bookstore is wholly owned by the University of Evansville.  All profits and proceeds from bookstore sales go directly to the university to support its budget, departments and students.  We are one of just a handful of bookstores in the state of Indiana that is institutionally owned.  By being institutionally owned we're able to do what's best for the campus community and make decisions at a local level.  Our mission is to provide products and services at a reasonable cost to UE students, alumni, employees, and fans and yet support the university as well.  We take pride in this task.  If you ever need assistance we'll be happy to assist you.  Support the store that supports UE !

Local & Alumni Authors

Book of David - Journal of Sunshine,Storms, Rainbows & Mystery

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Written by local author David Miller.  Paperback, 321 pages.  A Journal of Sunshine, Storms, Rainbows and Mystery

Reckless Fellows- The Gentlemen of the Royal Flying Corps

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The Royal Flying Corps, later the Royal Air Force, was formed in 1912 and went to war in 1914 where it played a vital role in reconnaissance, supporting the British Expeditionary Force as 'air cavalry' and also in combat, establishing air superiority over the Imperial German Air Force. Edward Bujak here combines the history of the air war, including details of strategy, tactics, technical issues and combat, with a social and cultural history. The RFC was originally dominated by the landed elite, in Lloyd George's phrase 'from the stateliest houses in England', and its pilots were regarded as 'knights of the air'. Harlaxton Manor in Lincolnshire, seat of landed gentry, became their major training base. Bujak shows how, within the circle of the RFC, the class divide and unconscious superiority of Edwardian Britain disappeared--absorbed by common purpose, technical expertise and by an influx of pilots from Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. He thus provides an original and unusual take on the air war in World War I, combining military, social and cultural history.

Red Coat

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Frederica Williams struggles her entire life to overcome her dark childhood. She manages to suppress her twisted youth enough to obtain collegiate degrees in Spanish, but her mercurial mental state surfaces as she weaves herself into the lives and deaths of the men she encounters. The final attempt by a man to sexually abuse her brings about a vicious murder. At this point in her life, Frederica rationalizes that she is well-justified in any heinous act that helps her accomplish her goals. She struggles to move forward in her life and meets and falls in love with David Winthrop. But a button from the red coat she has desperately clung to her entire adult life becomes evidence in a crime, even though a homeless woman now proudly wears the coat. Can the answers to this crime be found without jeopardizing Frederica's future?

The Letter

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The depths of Sherman's evil deeds are equaled only in his devotion to his family. This multi-generational novel gives up its secrets in The Letter.

World War II Heroes: We Were Just Doing Our Jobs

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After meeting and interviewing over sixty-five veterans, or the family they left behind, I have written their amazing stories. The accounts of these ninety-year old men are fascinating reading for anyone who enjoys history. Also, it is a reminder to be thankful for our freedom. It's important to know what WWII veterans endured, suffered, and survived. Read their heartfelt stories; thank them whenever possible. They are incredible, humble men and women who were just doing their jobs.Also, there are several stories of women and men who worked in the factories in Indiana making war products. The home front had to sacrifice as well as the men who were gone. The remaining stories are about men, women and children who were from other countries during the war. Some were our Allies and a few were from the Axis countries. War affected everyone during the 1940's. These stories help us learn what these people lived through during the days of WWII.