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DID YOU KNOW? The University of Evansville Bookstore is wholly owned by the University of Evansville.  All profits and proceeds from bookstore sales go directly to the university to support its budget, departments and students.  We are one of just a handful of bookstores in the state of Indiana that is institutionally owned.  By being institutionally owned we're able to do what's best for the campus community and make decisions at a local level.  Our mission is to provide products and services at a reasonable cost to UE students, alumni, employees, and fans and yet support the university as well.  We take pride in this task.  If you ever need assistance we'll be happy to assist you.  Support the store that supports UE !

Faculty Information/Links

Faculty can use the links below to submit adoptions, rent regalia, obtain UrEntal forms or get information about custom coursepacks.

Adoption link imagefaculty regalia rental

Faculty if you would like to put one of your adoptions on the UrEntal plan click here .  Keep in mind to be on the rental plan you'll need to use the same edition and indicate how many terms you will use the textbook.  The rental price will be determined on the length of the rental plan and the cost of the textbook.  This option is not avaialbe for a one time use but is best when the same edition of the textbook is offered for multiple terms or an extended time.  Contact the bookstore if questions.

LAD Custom Publishing link

Faculty have you ever considered the need or thought about doing your own custom coursepack?  LAD Custom Publishing is one of our partners who can create a coursepack using multiple resources and take care of all the copyright clearances.  You can also add your own personal materials and/or a syllabus.  They can even convert it to an electronic format or offer both print and electronic formats in the same coursepack.  It's ideal when you're using multiple resources for a class but only selected parts of the publications.  Once you do a custom coursepack LAD will keep it on file for future use.  The link on the left will give you an overview of LAD.  If you're interested contact the bookstore and we'll get you started.  It's an economical way to save students money.

Faculty Center linkFaculty - Click on the Faculty Center link to the left to access information about textbooks, including current best sellers by subject matter.   There is useful information to help you evaluate textbook options and help you decide on a great choice.  Contact the Bookstore for provider ID and password information as this area is retricted to faculty members only.  You'll create your personal account once you log in for the first time.  Stacey Beard can be reached at ext. 2679 or email at