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DID YOU KNOW? The University of Evansville Bookstore is wholly owned by the University of Evansville.  All profits and proceeds from bookstore sales go directly to the university to support its budget, departments and students.  We are one of just a handful of bookstores in the state of Indiana that is institutionally owned.  By being institutionally owned we're able to do what's best for the campus community and make decisions at a local level.  Our mission is to provide products and services at a reasonable cost to UE students, alumni, employees, and fans and yet support the university as well.  We take pride in this task.  If you ever need assistance we'll be happy to assist you.  Support the store that supports UE !

RedShelf Ebook Catalogue

If you don't see an E-book already on the booklist for a class you can go to this catalogue from our partner - RedShelf.  Enter the ISBN of the book you're looking for an E-book version and it will indicate whether an E-book is available.  You can choose the expiration period that you want.  Complete the transaction on the RedShelf site and it will be downloaded to your computer for immediate use.  It's that easy!  This site is made exclusively for the University of Evansville and its students.  Click on this link RedShelf E-books to go to the catalogue.  Please note if the professor has indicated that an e-book is an appropriate choice for the book it will be listed on the website booklist as a choice under the course.  E-books in this catalogue are there for those students who want the e-book option.  This does NOT mean the professor has suggested the e-book version.  If you have any questions check with the professor before you purchase an e-book on your own.